Luxury black velour indoor slipper

Luxury black velour indoor slipper - Farfalla italian slippers

Product features:

Collection: Elegance
Material: Velour
Color: Black

A handcrafted slipper is an authentic luxury to appreciate a moment of refined tranquility at home. No tension, no more walking shoes: with the Elegance slipper in black velour you abandon yourself to the exclusive Farfalla world. A unique experience that follows the footsteps of a long artisan ritual to give you a real triumph of elegance.

While the chic raven black lights up with the embroidered details in passionate purple, the coppery reflections radiate the lining to enhance the feline brand in plain sight on the upper. The design is the result of the noble art that Farfalla artisans have been practicing for over a century. Good taste, manufacturing tradition, and innovation. The lines of this model enhance each other to give life to a graceful and always sober silhouette. Velour is both delicate and eye-catching: a feast for the eyes as precious as a rare gem. It lets itself be admired and caressed, unleashing your senses, without ever exceeding. Forget vulgarity: this slipper makes chic elegance its greatest quality.

Another glitz that will blow your mind is the soft brown fur that completely covers the insole. It knows how to be gentle and persuasive with your skin and waits for your foot to feel its soft and gentle embrace. It is not just a precious detail but also preserves the essential comfort you expect from a quality slipper.

In this case, each element enriches a noble design that demonstrates grace from the rubberized heel to the square toe. Try them to remain in ecstasy: the black velour slippers will show off your sensitivity and your aesthetic taste.