The story

It all began nearly a century ago with Francesco Raffaeli, Grandad “Checco”. Day after day he worked tirelessly in his workshop to perfect the traditional techniques of shoemaking, striving to create products of ever finer quality.

Passion and professionalism passed down from generation to generation. The idea of transforming this inherited skill and expertise into a brand came from Alfeo, Checco’s son. In 1955, Alfeo and his wife, Aurora, created Farfalla. A company dedicated to the production of high-quality slippers and clogs. Nowadays the firm is run by Stefano and Nicola Raffaeli, young, dynamic businessmen using the latest techniques. With them Farfalla has fully entered the third millennium, combining the skilled craftsmanship of always with the competences and determination needed to be at the forefront in the domestic and international marketplace.

Azienda storia ieri - Farfalla italian slippers

The company now

Tradition, elegance and passion combined. All three summarised in a single word: Farfalla. A brand that immediately speaks of the spirit of a shoemaker which, more than being a company, is its own story. And which encapsulates the lightness and class of the indoor and outdoor slippers that it produces.

Quality raw materials and artisanal experience are the cornerstones of Farfalla’s work. And that is how a modern company management manages to fully exploit the experience accumulated over the years. The Farfalla style is original and highly recognisable: elegance and sobriety which transcend both time and fashion. A discreet and inimitable line that people readily fall in love with.

Azienda storia oggi - Farfalla italian slippers