On the wings of elegance

Farfalla has taken all the time that beauty requires to be explored and perfected. And that time today has been transformed into experience, quality products, and an out-of-the-ordinary luxury.

The story of Farfalla begins almost a hundred years ago, in an old-time workshop.

Every day a man used to refine the ancient shoe manufacturing techniques trying to improve them. The master was called Francesco Raffaeli, who for all of us is Nonno Checco. His dream was to create high-quality and one-of-a-kind footwear, and today we continue to pass his art on from generation to generation.

To get to our days, it was necessary to be patient for a while. In 1955 the Farfalla brand was born thanks to Alfeo – Francesco’s son – who, together with his wife Aurora, gave life to our brand and wrote the first words of this story.

Once upon a time, there was a shop, where skilled hands created premium slippers and fine sabots for men: a tradition that has persevered for almost a century, and which continues today.

Azienda storia ieri - Farfalla italian slippers

Farfalla today

Today's reality is the natural evolution of our artisan history. Today there’s us, Stefano and Nicola Raffaeli, who in 2008 collected the legacy of Farfalla in our hands to push it to fly towards the new chapters of its story.

To write the future of this tradition, we can count on a precious ink: the artisan culture that distinguishes us and to which we owe everything.

Azienda storia oggi - Farfalla italian slippers