Men's classic slippers are more than just an accessory for home use. They are the expression of your most intimate, deepest refinement, the attention to detail that accompanies you even in family moments, in the warmth of your home.

Elegance is an expression of yourself, so it must accompany you in every moment of your day. Return home after a day of work and abandon yourself to pleasure, lying in the luxury of your leather slippers, ready to tell your style.

Show who you are, whenever you want, with the same comfort as ever. Fall in love with the Farfalla collections

Evening collection

Velvet is a sweet and soft material: just touch it to relax and daydream about an evening of tranquility. A Farfalla Evening slipper made of velvet is the highlight of an elegant dinner with friends. One of those details that everyone will notice and that paints, with delicacy, a sober and refined style choice. For those who want to be flawless on any occasion without ever giving up the soft comfort of home, we have finished our models of men's velvet slippers in four soft colors. Black like the night or orange like the soft lights of the evening? Let your instinct choose.

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Travel collection

Let's set off to discover the world, without giving up on how nice it is to feel at home. Farfalla Travel slippers are the ally of your feet when they need one the most. Traveling, you know, puts them to the test. Just find some space in your suitcase, and it's simple when you choose folding travel slippers with a case, to open up a world of comfort and elegance. Your eyes are granted maximum pleasure every time you discover new glimpses and magical destinations, and your feet desire the same. Let your style travel with beauty, bringing with you some travel men's slippers made of leather, denim, or velvet. Practical, comfortable, and always in their place: the Farfalla Travel slippers with pouch are the last accessory to prepare before closing the suitcase and the first that you will want to take out once you reach your destination.

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Classic collection

Elegance means wearing timeless lines and shapes. With the Classic collection, we at Farfalla celebrate the tradition of Italian footwear and what it has taught us. It is the line that pleases everyone and embraces the taste of those who make elegance a true life motto. Its style is modern and sober, ideal for those looking for timeless and classic men's slippers. You immediately recognize the Farfalla spirit. The choice of the fabric that best matches your style and mood is up to you. Today, do you prefer classic men's slippers in leather, soft velour, cool denim, or a caress of Nappa leather? Wear your favorite ones on your feet.

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Elegance collection

For those looking for wearable splendor, let's raise the curtain on Farfalla's Elegance collection. Sophisticated shapes and high-quality materials are enclosed in a shoe to show off on the most exclusive occasions. If you are looking for stylish accessories that will surprise the people you meet, wear leather bedroom slippers for men. And at gala dinners, during a gallant date and for the simple desire to feel elegant, evening velvet slippers will give a whole new meaning to the words beauty and comfort. If luxury is a whim, find out which feel your feet prefer among comfortable velour, fine leather, and light Nappa. For your outfit, choose Elegance: our masterpiece.

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